Can Zune catch iPod?

Can Microsoft's Zune media player catch the iPod?  That's the question being asked in this article, which states that Microsoft hopes to sell 1 million Zune players by mid-2007.  That number doesn't even come close to the iPod, but the Zune is brand new and is only available in U.S. for now. MS plans to expand shipments overseas soon, which will change the dynamic altogether.

"Microsoft Corp. says it expects to sell 1 million of its new Zune music players through the first half of 2007. That figure would pale in comparison to Apple Computer Inc.'s market-leading iPod, but Microsoft contends it would be a good start. "We think that's actually pretty awesome," said Bryan Lee, corporate vice president for Microsoft's entertainment group. The $250 Zune, whose 30 gigabyte hard drive can hold 7,500 songs, debuted in mid-November to mixed reviews."
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