Can You Count To Five? Good, You're Hired

IT staffing is expected to be flat in 2007. Computerworld has a rundown of the five Mad Skillz an IT jobseeker should expect to be grilled about in their job interview:

IT hiring figures are expected to dip slightly in the coming year, so you'll be getting a flood of résumés for every job opening you have. From those, hiring executives will pluck people with the strongest combination of technical and business skills. For instance, knowing how to help a call center agent navigate malfunctioning pop-up screens will no longer be enough. Instead, DHL and other big companies want tech support staffs to prioritize and understand why jumping on a problem quickly is a mission-critical must.

Hot Hardware advises you to know things like the right hand guy in the Apple ad, and dress like the guy on the left. You'll be fine.

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