Can I Buy A Cell Phone With It? That's So Escher

Sprint Nextel announced today that you can shop online or compare prices for up to 7 million products from 30 retailers, using their Mobile Shopper Service. The service is offered free as an enticement to get Nextel customers to use up those precious web access minutes.

"It said it will not charge mobile users extra subscription fees for the service, but it will charge them for Web access.

"The big opportunity for Sprint is the potential increase of data usage," said Sprint product manager Charnsin Tulyasathien.

Sprint, along with its rivals, has been pushing data services such as Web surfing and video and music downloads in an effort to get customers to use their phones for more than just talking."

Participating retailers include such stores as Wal*Mart and Target. Scientists worry that if you were to shop for and buy a Sprint Nextel phone on your Sprint Nextel phone, that the universe would collapse and all matter would be sucked into a wormhole. If my wife discovers you can shop at on her phone, the effect on my credit card would be similar.