Camino Web Browser Slips Quietly Into the Ether

Many long-time Mac users likely both fondly remember the Camino web browser and also have forgotten all about it in recent years, as the Safari browser has primarily taken over on Apple’s Mac OS X systems. It’s perhaps fitting, then, that the team behind Camino has looked around at the current browser market and is now gracefully bowing out after about a decade-long run.

Camino 2.1

Originally launched as “Chimera”, Camino was a great alternative to Internet Explorer before there was a Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. In fact, according to the blog post announcing the end of Camino, Stuart Morgan noted that some Camino developers have gone on to work on the aforementioned browsers, so “while this is the end of Camino itself, the community that helped build it is still making the web better for Mac users”, which is a really classy and poetic way of putting it, actually.

Although Camino is still out there, it’s no longer being developed, and more importantly, it’s no longer receiving security updates, so users will be taking increasing risks out there in the wild west of the Internet.