Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Patch Adds New Maps, Nerfs Shotgun

cod mw map
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare fans who liked to use the insanely overpowered shotgun to take out enemies from afar will be saddened by the latest update from Infinity Ward. The 725 shotgun had enough range that it was essentially a sniper rifle, and many were expecting it to be nerfed. With the latest update, that change has happened along with some other changes.

We mentioned earlier this week in a story about the shotgun and issues with recoil that made some weapons less accurate when crouched. The crazy range of the 725 shotgun is no more. The update makes the shotgun have a bigger spread for both hip fire and when aimed down the sight. The damage range has also been greatly reduced.

The update also removes differences in felt recoil between being crouched or prone in the game. The claymore has also been changed with a narrower trigger, and its damage has a smaller area of effect. Other things that are added in the patch include Hardpoint mode for multiplayer.

Hardpoint is an area defense mode where teams are tasked with attempting to take over and control a specific location. While the player team is in control of a point, the score goes up. The update also adds a pair of new maps for free. A map called Krovnik Farmland is being added to big-team Ground War game mode. The Shoot House map is being added to smaller multiplayer modes. A bunch of other bug fixes have been added to the game for various issues and to prevent crashes. The full patch notes can be seen here.