Call of Duty: BlackOps 2 Vengeance DLC 3 Arrives to the PS3 and PC Today

Gaming has changed a lot over the years, primarily due to our reliance on the cloud, broadband Internet connections, and the seemingly never-ending desire for more, more, more. Replay value has taken on an entirely new meaning, and for developers, they're able to squeeze more revenue out of existing titles on the shelf. Call of Duty needs no introduction, and those hooked on Black Ops II will find themselves hard-pressed to keep their credit card at bay due to a new DLC available today.

Black Ops II Vengeance is now available to download for PlayStation 3 and PC, bringing four new Multiplayer Maps, including the return of a re-imagined Multiplayer classic, an all-new epic Zombies chapter and a brand-new bonus Zombies weapon – the Ray Gun Mark II. Per usual, the pack will cost gamers $14.99, but hey, now you've got weekend plans!