Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Trailer Shows Mech Suits, Kevin Spacey And Whole Lot Of Badass

The first images of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare hit the Web yesterday, in advance of what was supposed to be a proper unveiling this coming Sunday. Activision decided to pull the trigger early, however, and we're glad it did: Advanced Warfare could be the best Call of Duty title we've seen in quite some time.

Like Modern Warfare 3, Advanced Warfare (these names bleed creativity, don't they?) is developed by Sledgehammer Games, and it's set to launch on November 4th. At this time, there doesn't seem to be a finalized list of supported platforms, and judging by the fact that the game's official website is not even live yet, we're sure Activision would have preferred the leaked images didn't happen. We can be sure that the PS4, Xbox One, and PC will be supported at the very least.

It seems that the voice heard throughout this trailer is none other than Kevin Spacey, and I'd say this is a clear sign that Activision realizes that it has needed to breathe some new life into the Call of Duty series. While I haven't considered any CoD game to be "bad" - some might not have been better than "good" - there hasn't been a CoD game recently to knock our socks off. A common CoD complaint has revolved around a weak storyline, but with Spacey on board, Advanced Warfare has some incredible potential.

With the big reveal originally planned for May 4th, it seems likely that not everything will be known about until then, or especially until the official website actually goes live. I do know one thing for certain: I'm stoked.