Cablevision And Comcast Join TWC For Free Wi-Fi In NYC

There's nothing quite like free Wi-Fi, particularly when you least expect it, and it works quickly. It's sort of like stumbling upon a quarter, but typically it's far more valuable than even that. Last month, Time Warner Cable announced that they would soon be providing free Wi-Fi to New York City customers, and now it seems the offer is being expanded in the Big Apple.

Cablevision and Comcast are joining the party, now offering high-speed Internet customers the ability to roam freely across the companies' respective Wi-Fi networks at no additional charge. That's a pretty big deal for NYC consumers, who generally stay within the city day-to-day. It suddenly makes devices like the iPad entirely more usable on the go with Wi-Fi (nearly) everywhere, and the companies have stated that reception is available in Manhattan's Madison Square Park, areas of the Jersey Shore and in the Hamptons.

We can't explain how much we wish this would come to other areas. This is the ultimate Wi-Fi dream, and while we heard that many cities would be implementing city-wide Wi-Fi a few years back, few actually went through with it. Now that NYC has set the bar high, we're hoping other cities follow suit soon.