BYOD Becomes A Bit Easier With Arrival Of Android For Work App In Google Play Store

Having carried work and personal phones for years, I can see the appeal of being able to use a single phone for both. But bringing your own device to work can put company data at risk, which is why tools for separating work and play on smartphones are getting so much attention these days. If your company’s IT department already has a Google for Work partnership, you can now also install the Android for Work app on your personal phone.


The idea behind Android for Work is simple: the app creates a private, secure space on your older, non-Lollipop Android phone for your company’s apps so you have the access you need and your company’s security team can breathe easy (well, easier). Your IT department will like Android for Work for its policy support and data encryption.

The app was released yesterday, but it’s already received 117 reviews. So far, Android for Work is scoring just 3.3 stars, with 57 in the 5-star range and 40 one-star assessments. Some users are complaining that they can’t see the app after downloading it, while others are pointing to frequent crashing. Some of the reviews are unfair to Google – it looks like some users might be trying to install the app on newer phones that the app isn’t meant for. Still, if users are confused, it’s up to Google to be clear in the Play Store about who should be downloading the app.