Buy A Samsung 4K SUHD TV And Get A Free Galaxy S6 Android Smartphone

If you live in Canada, go ahead and stop reading now to avoid any feelings of jealously and resentment. That's because Samsung is offering one heck of a bundle offer to U.S. residents -- purchase a select 4K SUHD television and receive a 32GB Galaxy S6 smartphone for free, zip, zilch, nada! That's a tantalizing offer that could be of interest to anyone shopping a TV or phone.

It's an especially good deal if you're looking to upgrade your aging television to a 4K Ultra HD model. The only caveat is that you have to stick with a handful of specific models, those being the Samsung JS9500 (65-inch), JS9100 (78-inch), JS9000 (65-inch), JS8500 (55-inch), JS850D (65-inch), or JS8600 (78-inch).

Samsung SUHD TV

These are all big size televisions with curved displays. Other than display size and price -- you can find the above listed models on Amazon for between around $2,000 to $9,000 -- differences come to down features and year built.

Once you've purchased a qualifying television, Samsung has a special site setup for you to enter your email address, which then brings you to the online form to claim your offer. You'll need to have a scanned receipt ready, and of course have the TV serial number handy.

If you'd prefer the Galaxy S6 Edge instead of the regular Galaxy S6, Samsung will accommodate your request, though it will cost you $400. That's still a hefty 50 percent discount over the phone's MSRP, though compared to the free Galaxy S6 offer, that seems a little high.

The offer is valid from today on through August 1, 2015.