Burners, Cell Phones and Processors Galore!

Hey folks, welcome back.  We're winding down the work week and ringing in the weekend here at HH.  It looks like we're not the only ones as the hardware reviewage is a little lite this morning.  Don't fret, we have a lot on tap for you, so be patient, we've got a nice line-up coming your way soon:

LiteOn 8x DVD±R/ 4X ±RW SOHW-812S @ Bjorn3D:

"Isn't it amazing to look where we are today with optical storage? It was not long ago when my Philips 2x CDRW drive was 'hot,' and the true proof of what a hardware geek I was. True, it took 30 minutes to burn a CD, and if you sneezed at the computer while it was burning, you got a coaster, but so what? I could burn baby burn! Today, I'm testing a DVD-burner from LiteOn that can burn 4.7 GB in about 10 minutes, do it in almost all of the available formats and won't care if you do the flamenco on the keyboard while it is burning. Progress – amazing, isn't it?"

NEC 525 Cell Phone Review @ Designtechnica:

"NEC has a wonderful phone on their hands and we are curious as to why they are not putting the resources behind it to push a stronger marketing effort. The phone reception is certainly above average and because the 525 uses two processors, phonebook and menu navigation is extremely fast and easy to use."

Intel Nocona Xeon 3.4 GHz versus the AMD Opteron 250 at the GamePC Labs:

"Today at GamePC, we've compared two of the fastest workstation/server CPU's on the market, AMD's new Opteron 250 and Intel's new "Nocona" Xeon processor at 3.4 GHz. Intel's brand new Xeon processor now boasts a faster bus speed, more cache, and the ability to execute 64-bit code, but can it compete with the performance levels of the fastest Opteron processor to date? We've got a whole set of benchmarks to show you. We also were able to get these new Xeon processors up and running on Windows XP 64-bit Edition, proving that the rumored incompatibilities between this OS and Intel's EMT64 technology are not true."

Abit's AA8 DuraMax motherboard reviewed @ The Tech Report:

"Now comes Abit's AA8 DuraMax motherboard, and things look different for a couple of reasons. First, Intel's 925X review kit didn't arrive at Damage Labs until a couple days before Intel pulled the curtain back on the product launch, so we didn't get time to tweak the Intel D925XCV mobo as we'd have liked. We've had some time to tweak and tune the AA8, and we've discovered a surprising amount of headroom in both the chipset and its associated DDR2 memory. Second, the Abit AA8 is a true enthusiast's mobo, with more tweakage options, voltage settings, and overclocking facilities than your average button-down corporate motherboard could even contemplate. Not only that, but the board is fast, stable, and robust enough to handle some abuse."

Stick around gang, we should have somethng else for you in a little while.