Bump, The Mobile Sharing App, Gets Acquired By Google

Another week, another app acquisition. A bit ago, Yahoo snapped up Astrid, a task management program. Now, crosstown rival Google is buying Bump. Bump, a cross-platform sharing app, made waves a year or so ago by providing an elegant, secure, and easy way to transfer just about anything from one mobile to another, and even from mobile-to-desktop. In a lot of ways, sharing via Bump was almost magical. It had that "wow factor" baked in, kind of like using Facebook for the first time when the platform was new.

Google is now the proud owner of that app, and honestly, it seems like a sensible purchase. Google's Android OS has branched out across various OEM platforms and price points, and buying technology that could unify sharing across Android, iOS and Windows Phone could provide a boost. Bump's CEO has yet to say that the team will be doing as a part of Google, but those who have enjoyed the app may want to make their final bumps. While he says the apps will continue to work "for now," these kinds of deals typically see the original product discontinued and assimilated into another product.

Either way, it's clear that sharing is in Google's future, and we're pretty pleased that it'll be Bump's technology paving the way.