Buffalo's MicroSD/USB Drive: Guaranteed To Get Lost

In the never-ending race to produce a flash memory device that'll become lost the moment you unwrap it from its packaging, Buffalo has developed this: the 16GB microSD USB card reader.

Put simply, this nub of a flash memory device--which looks about as large as Logitech's latest USB receivers--holds 16GB of information on its own. But, knowing that that'll never be enough for you, Buffalo also included a microSD/microSDHC slot, so you can toss another 16GB in through that. All told, you're looking at having at least 32GB of storage in a device barely bigger than your thumbnail, which is both useful and highly dangerous.

Useful because, well, who wouldn't want 32GB of storage in something barely larger than their thumbnail? Dangerous because, well, who can afford to lose 32GB of data? If you're certain that you can hold on to your goods no matter how minuscule they are, you can purchase this now (sans a microSD/microSDHC card) for ¥15,500 (around $158).