Buffalo Delivers SHD-NSUM Line of External SSDs

Slowly but surely, we're witnessing the capacity levels of external solid state drives creep up. While internal drives have been shipping at 128GB for some time now, the external world is in dire need of matching alternatives. Japan's own Buffalo has stepped in to do the honors, offering up a new SHD-NSUM series of small, pocket-friendly SSDs to carry on-the-go.

The family currently consists of a trio of drives: the 32GB SHD-NSUM32G, 64GB SHD-NSUM64G and the 128GB SHD-NSUM128G. All of the units posses a speedy SATA II interface and a USB 2.0 socket. The real kicker here is the pricing, which -- even though we're stuck converting yen to dollars -- doesn't seem all that outrageous. It's 12,000 yen ($122) for the smallest drive, while the other two cost 21,000 yen ($214) and 38,000 yen ($387) in order of mention. Now, let's all cross our fingers that these get released for even less here in North America (and elsewhere in the world).