Buffalo Bill Pretty High For USB SSD

Got 113,000 Japanese yen burning a hole in your pocket? That's 495 British Pounds. The money pound, not the weight pound. At any rate, if you've got about $1000 American, you can now afford 100 GB of flash storage, courtesy of Buffalo Japan. Awesome.

The company's new SHD-UHRS series of SSDs goes on sale at the end of this month, starting with a 32GB model and culminating in that 100GB whopper. Anyone expecting an internal SATA interface for sticking the thing in a PC will, however, be disappointed as it's an external USB 2.0 only device.

Still, that amount of fast, solid-state storage isn't to be sniffed at, which is why the largest model runs a cool ¥113,106 (£495). If the price doesn't put prospective buyers off, having to wait while Buffalo builds the 100GB drive to order might - it clearly doesn't expect these to fly off any shelves.

It's useful to always observe where the cutting edge is, as that is generally where all of us will be in a few years. The end of the clatter of the platter is near, my friends. 
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