BTX Form Factor Exposed, EPoX 9NPA+ Ultra, and more!

Hey folks, we have some more news for your reading pleasure. One interesting item we have is an article about the current, and future state of the BTX Form Factor. Let's have a look and see...

BTX Form Factor Exposed @ PCStats

"Weren't we all supposed to be using BTX by now? When this radical form-factor change for motherboards and PC cases was first proposed by Intel in 2003, its introduction was supposed to coincide with the birth of the 'Alderwood' and 'Grantsdale' chipsets we now know as the Intel 915P and 925X. Instead, the standard took until just recently to get off the ground with manufacturers in Taiwan, resulting in Intel bumping the official introduction of the BTX form factor to their upcoming chipset generation, 'Glenwood' and 'Lakeport.'"

WD Caviar SE WD1200JB @

"Modern hard drives become faster, silent, cheaper and – of course – of greater capacity. With no problem you can get a 200, 250 or even 300GB hard drive. 300GB Maxtor MaxLine Plus III 7B300S0 is a great example. Unfortunately the price of such 'monster' is too high. In this test, I would like to present quite cheap ( approximately 370 PLN ) and very efficient hard drive – 120GB WD Caviar SE WD1200JB."

XFX GeForce 6600GT PCIe Reviewed @ VR-Zone Hardware

"For our overclocking tests, we achieved a maximum core speed of 544MHz and maximum memory speed of 547MHz (1.094GHz effective). We ran a 3DMark03 game test loop for 30 hours straight at these speeds, and saw no artifacting throughout or after the test loop."

EPoX 9NPA+ Ultra Mainboard Review @ X-Bit labs

"Now that mainboards with the PCI Express bus for the Athlon 64 processor are available in shops, we are glad to offer you our review of one of the first products based on NVIDIA's nForce4 Ultra chipset!"

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