Brazen Thieves From Brazil Rob Samsung Factory Of $6.3 Million In Mobile Devices

Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction, and in other instances, they're nearly inseparable. The latter is the case here, as thieves in Brazil pulled off a heist in a such a way that it could have just as easily been part of a script for an action movie. According to reports, the robbers attacked a Samsung factory near Sao Paulo late Sunday and held workers hostage while they stole truckloads of mobile devices.

Armed robbers pulled off the heist by hijacking an employee shuttle to gain entrance into the factory. They then stole more than half a dozen trucks containing over 40,000 smartphones, tablets, and notebook PCs valued in the neighborhood of $6.3 million, Reuters reports.

Image Source: Flickr (Tristan Schmurr)

"We have cooperated fully with the police investigation that is underway and will do our best to avoid any sort of repeat incident," Samsung's manufacturing arm in Brazil said in a statement.

Seven armed robbers held around 50 employees hostage during the ordeal. After hijacking the shuttle on the way to the factory, the thieves took the employees on board to a remote location and set six of the eight employees free. They then proceeded to the factory with the two remaining employees and disarmed the security guards before gathering up the rest of the workers.

Once the perimeter was secure, the robbers let 13 other cohorts drive getaway trucks into the facility.