Brace Yourself for Higher RAM Prices, Adata Says

If you spot a good deal on DRAM and could use an upgrade, you may want to pull the trigger rather than wait and hope prices will fall even further. According to Adata CEO Simon Chen, DRAM prices are likely to rebound in January 2012, mostly because of cuts in DRAM output made earlier in the year. The effects of those cuts are about to take effect, especially as PC makers get ready to replenish their inventories, Chen warns.

Chen was also quick to point that Adata is one of two companies that kept a steady focus on DRAM modules (Kingston is the other), while most other companies shifted the bulk of their operations away from system memory in order to focus on NAND flash memory for SSDs and other more stable markets.

Adata might also be making a mountain out of a mole hill here. DRAM is almost as inexpensive as tap water, so even if prices go up next month, it probably won't be enough to sway most users out of making a purchase. On the flip side, the timing is crummy, as hard drive prices are also higher these days, though for a different reason (flooding in Thailand).