Boxee Teams With Sonic Solutions To Enter The World Of Premium Content

And so it begins. Boxee, which has generally let users access a wealth of free online content from a variety of locations, has finally seen the light: you need premium content (or a great Plan B) to stay afloat in today's environment. The company has been quoted as saying that they aren't planning to make anything from their partnership with D-Link on the Boxee Box, but now that they've opened this window, there's really no turning back. Premium content has arrived on Boxee, and we suspect that more and more of it will continue to arrive. And that's a good thing for everyone, regardless if you plan on buying any of it or not.

The company has this week revealed a new partnership with Sonic Solutions, which is the company in charge of RoxioNow, CinemaNow, Blockbuster and Lionsgate. Boxee is aligning with Sonic Solutions in order to get more content into their portals, with more premium content planned for the "coming months." Boxee notes that they believe in having options, and they want you to be able to use any web browser you choose and view as much content as you choose. RoxioNow serves a broad range of premium content to a growing ecosystem of home and mobile devices including PCs, connected TVs, set-top DVRs, Blu-ray Disc players, smartphones, and mobile devices, and if Boxee could suddenly have an avenue onto those devices, two things would happen: one, Boxee's user base would likely grow in a big way, and two, you probably no longer need to worry about that Boxee Box that's delayed.

Boxee will be licensing Sonic’s RoxioNow entertainment platform across all Boxee-enabled devices, and that even means that movies will be coming to users with full 5.1 surround sound. Stores powered by RoxioNow enable users to instantly rent and purchase content to be watched watch on multiple devices so eventually you’ll be able to purchase a movie on Boxee through a RoxioNow store, then watch it on multiple devices in your house or on the go. Yes, platform integration is also already in the works, so that should be arriving by the time the Fall comes to cool us all down.