Boxee Box Confirms NVIDIA's Tegra 2 Processor

NVIDIA's Tegra chip has barely been around long enough to gain traction. Microsoft's Zune HD uses it and a few lesser-known devices can claim the same, but outside of that, Tegra hasn't really lived a life in the spotlight. With the attention that Ion has received, we get the feeling that Tegra 2 will be a different story.

As of today, you can now consider Tegra 2 official. The cat was let out of the bag by Boxee, who has proclaimed that the Boxee Box will utilize the processor when it ships later in the year. It's a box built by D-Link, but it's the dual-core ARM Cortex A9 equipped Tegra 2 that'll generate the most buzz. We're excited about the possibilities that the Boxee Box will bring, but even more excited about the Tegra 2. With smartphones becoming ever more powerful and ever more useful, having more potent graphics available only gives those phone makers even more great choices. Hopefully they're paying attention.

With Tegra 2 powering the Boxee Box you can:

  • Enjoy a fluid and responsive user interface that is similar to the UI performance up till now available only on full blown PCs
  • Play 1080p video from locally stored content and stream HD video content from the Internet
  • Play Adobe® Flash® 10.1 content from across the web, including HD content

More inside the Box:

  • RF chip by Nordic – to support a great remote control experience that is not dependent on line-of-sight and can work from anywhere in the house
  • 802.11N wireless chip by Broadcom

What’s not in the Box:

  • No hard-drive – We discussed hard-drive at length with D-Link, and figured people already have storage solutions, and that we should do our best to reduce the price of the Boxee Box. You’ll be able to connect your choice of storage devices directly to the Box using USB
  • No IR – While we realize many people are using universal remotes, we believe there is a greater benefit having a full QWERTY keyboard, and the right way to do that was RF. We really wanted to also support IR, for various reasons we could not get it as part of the build. We continue supporting this in software, so you can use any IR dongle and continue using your universal remote with Boxee.