Bowers & Wilkins Debuts Pricey Zeppelin Mini iPod Speaker System

Audiophiles, or those who pretend to be, may remember the original Zeppelin that Bowers & Wilkins developed and produced a few years back. By and large, it was the device that put this high-end audio company on the map for the every day consumer. It wasn't cheap, but it's unique, elongated shape was found in Apple stores everywhere, and it seemingly sold fairly well compared to most of the outfit's niche offerings.

Now, the company is serving up round two, yet the Zeppelin Mini isn't really a smaller version of the first. Instead, this iPod speaker system sports a new look, one that's more traditional in most every sense of the word. B&W promises that users can expect the same great sound out of a box that's far smaller, so it should fit into more spaces more easily.

There's also an updated docking arm, which can swivel and enable your iPod or iPhone to be connected and mounted vertically or horizontally. Furthermore, the included USB socket allows for syncing with your computer or for streaming tunes directly from your computer; of course, the 3.5mm jack ensures that any ole source will work here as well. Within, there are two 3" drivers, 18x2 watts of amplification and who knows what else, all packaged with a wireless remote for just under $500. We never said B&W was cheap, but this one sure looks good.