Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot Goes Full American Ninja Warrior In Latest Demo

boston dynamics atlas
It's been a while since we've talked about Boston Dynamics here at HotHardware. The last time we checked in with the company, its SpotMini robot dog was walking autonomously through a "mock" house, while the humanoid Atlas was seen taking a causal stroll through the woods.

This time around, Boston Dynamics has given us a brief glimpse at the latest iteration of the Atlas, and it's simply amazing. We've seen Atlas perform backflips, climb stairs, pick up objects, jump up onto objects using both feet for launching, and much more. However, in this video, we first see Atlas perform another hop over a log. 

In the previous demonstration in May, Atlas had to stop, gather its "thoughts", and then perform the maneuver using propulsion from both feet. This time around, Atlas leaps over the log mid-stride using just one foot to push off from the ground. It continues forward after landing with its somewhat stilted gate without skipping a beat.

Its next feat, however, is even more impressive. Again showing off its ability to launch using one foot, Atlas does its very best Jessie Graff impression by jumping up a three-step platform alternating between its right and left foot on the way up while maintaining its balance.

While this is something that we as humans might have to put a little bit of thought and effort into to traverse without tumbling over in embarrassment, it's simply astounding to see a machine performing the maneuver with full robotics autonomy.

Atlas isn't quite ready to be classified in the same vein as a T-1000 Terminator, but its abilities and reflexes are starting to hit a little too close to home for some folks.