Bose Sleepbuds Mask Noises To Let You Catch Some Uninterrupted Zzzs

If you live in an area with lots of barking dogs, aircraft flying over, noisy neighbors, or have a spouse who is anything but quiet, Bose has something for you. The audio company has launched a new set of earbuds that are designed specifically for sleep called the Sleepbuds. These wearable gadgets are "tiny" according to Bose and have an "ultra-comfortable" design with the ability to generate soothing sounds to block outside noise.

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Bose claims that Sleepbuds are the smallest product it has ever made and have ten pre-loaded "sleeptracks" that mirror the frequencies of snoring, neighbors, dogs, traffic, and other sounds allowing the Sleepbuds to hide any annoying sounds. The ear tips are patented and provide a snug, soft, and barely-felt fit says Bose, which is a must for devices that will be worn while you sleep.

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Sleepbuds are rechargeable have a battery rated for up to 16 hours per charge. Bose promises that the Sleepbuds can be worn for hours, even when lying on your side, unlike earplugs that are designed for standing or sitting during the day. Each of the earbuds weighs 1.4 grams and are a bit over 1cm wide and high. A laser-etched antenna is on the outside of the Sleepbuds that allow connectivity with a phone or tablet. Using Bluetooth LE the Sleepbuds are compatible with both iPhone and Android devices and connect to the device with a sleep app that controls user preferences.

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Internal flash memory is used to store the pre-loaded noise-masking sound files. The buds ship with three different StayHear+ Sleep tips that are soft and pliable. Sleepbuds support alarms for waking in the morning and give the user the ability to choose the sleeptrack and volume that works best for their environment.

Sounds include gentle waves, rustling leaves, wind turbines, and others. Sleepbuds are offered in high-gloss white and will retail for $249 when they launch June 21st in the U.S. and Canada (Update: They're now available here on Amazon. Though temporarily out of stock, you can still order.) Bose first launched Sleepbuds via Indiegogo back in 2017 and units sent out to those backers were non-production units. All of those Indiegogo backers will get production units free of charge.