Bose Introduces V35, V25 And T20 Lifestyle 5.1 Sound Systems

Bose has never been a company to shy away from the high-end luxury market, despite what the pundits may say. Some slam the company for not publishing very many specifications about their products, but the trick--as they say--is in the sound. The company has today introduced a new Lifestyle V-Class and T-Class product line, two home theater sound systems that combine 5.1 channel audio with Bose's new intelligent integration system.

That new tech enables the systems to "overcome much of the growing complexity of setting up and using HT systems." Basically, Bose is making it easier than ever to actually set up a true 5.1 system, which has generally been a huge pain in the past. The Unify technology makes the setup process a breeze, with easy-to-follow steps on the TV screen and loads of pictures to guide even the greenest DIYer.

Up to six HD sources are supported, and the Lifestyle remote can operate virtually any home entertainment device (Blu-ray players, cable boxes, etc.). The V35, V25 and T20 systems all have five small speaker boxes along with an Acoustimass bass module, and there's even support for AM/FM radio, iPods and a built-in display on the universal remote.

Pricing, as you would expect, is rather high. The V35 is on sale now for $3,299, while the V25 is listed at $2,499; the T20 is available for $1,999. A video is embedded below to give you a better idea of what all that cash buys you.

Introducing Bose Unify™ Intelligent Integration System
Bose has introduced new Lifestyle® V-Class® and T-Class™ home theater
systems, combining proprietary 5.1 surround sound with the new Bose Unify
intelligent integration system -- a breakthrough technology that
overcomes much of the growing complexity of setting up and using home
theater systems.  Now, connecting speakers and sources, programming
remotes, and accessing content is easier and faster than ever before.    
“Today, consumers have players for music, movies and video games, but
getting them to work with their TV has become so difficult, they may
avoid adding a home theater system altogether,” said Doug Lankford,
director of home theater product marketing for Bose Corporation.  “Our
new Lifestyle® systems simplify the set up of multiple components, and
transform everyday use: onscreen displays work seamlessly with just one
remote, and selecting and switching between sources is done at the touch
of a button.  Unify technology finally breaks down the barrier between
the equipment and the experience.”
The Bose Unify™ Intelligent Integration System
Unify technology integrates sophisticated software and hardware to
deliver dramatic results.

Connecting sources is effectively mistake-proof.  With Unify technology,
easy-to-follow steps are shown on the TV screen.  They’re written in
plain language, even showing pictures of the right connector.  The
Lifestyle® system console recommends the right cable to use, has smart
inputs that sense when a connection is made, and confirms when the
connection is successful.
The new Lifestyle® V-Class® and T-Class™ systems were designed to evolve
with an owner’s needs, accommodating up to six HD sources.  The Lifestyle®
remote can operate virtually any entertainment device, including Blu-ray™
players, cable boxes, Digital Media Adapters, and new devices as they
become available.  Unlike conventional programming methods, there is no
trial and error, no codes to enter.  Simply aim a source remote at the
Lifestyle® system’s console and follow basic onscreen instructions.  Press
a few buttons on the source remote, and Unify technology automatically
programs the Lifestyle® remote to operate the source.
Devices are listed onscreen as “Blu-ray player” or “Cable Box,” rather
than cryptic acronyms like “HDMI 1” or “COMPONENT 1.”  Choose one, and
the source is ready to play.  The Lifestyle® remote’s interface remains
remarkably uncomplicated.  It controls the most frequently used commands
–- like “source” or “volume,” while rarely used commands are found  

Even opening a new Lifestyle® system box is reassuring.  Inside are five
clearly labeled boxes.  Finish setting up the contents of one, and go to
the next, until the speakers and Acoustimass® module are connected to the
Lifestyle® system’s console, and the console is connected to the TV.    
“Many of today’s home entertainment systems are feature-rich, but if an
owner can’t access those features, they don’t offer any real value,” said
Lankford.  “The new Lifestyle® systems deliver what’s been missing in the
market -- a truly simplified, high-quality home theater system.”   
Proprietary Bose 5.1 Surround Sound
The new Lifestyle® V35, V25 and T20 systems feature exclusive Bose audio
technologies to deliver vivid, theater-like surround sound from only five
small speaker arrays and a hideaway Acoustimass module.  Bose ADAPTiQ®
audio calibration technology analyzes and adjusts the system’s sound to
the size, shape and furnishings of any room, providing greater freedom
for speaker placement.   
The Lifestyle® V-Class® systems include Jewel Cube® or Direct/Reflecting®
speaker arrays, a built-in AM/FM tuner, a dock for iPod®, and a universal
remote control with a two-line display to show what radio station or song
is playing; there’s no need to turn on the TV.   
The Lifestyle® T-Class™ systems include Direct/Reflecting® or Virtually
Invisible® speaker arrays, and a universal remote control.   
All systems include a control console for connection to sources and use
automatic video upscaling for the highest resolution a TV can accept, up
to 1080p via HDMI.
The Lifestyle® V35 and V25 systems are available from Bose for $3,299 and
$2,499, respectively.  The new Lifestyle® T20 system is available from
Bose for $1,999.  All systems will be sold at authorized Bose dealers,
Bose retail stores, and toll free at 1-800-444-BOSE (2673).
About Bose Corporation
Bose Corporation was founded in 1964 by Dr. Amar G. Bose, professor at
the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Today, the company is
primarily known for acoustics, however, its research has resulted in
products for non-audio fields.  Bose inventions have improved the
performance of:
Home entertainment systems  
Automotive music systems designed for the interior acoustics of
each car model (first introduced by Bose)
Noise reducing headsets for pilots and the public (first
introduced by Bose)
Sound in public spaces  
The production of sound for musicians requiring electronic
amplification of their instruments
Materials testing and durability simulation instruments for
biomedical applications
Driver suspension systems for heavy-duty trucks
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