Borderlands 2 DLC Coming With Dungeons and Dragons Tiny Tina

It's hard to tell if this is a semi-elaborate publicity stunt, or if it's a warning to those who decide to catch a few Zs at work. Gearbox's Steve Gibson was allegedly found sleeping on a couch by a co-worker who quickly snapped-up a photo and posted it to Twitter. As far as Gibbie is concerned, we hope that Gearbox assumes his nap was due to the long hours he was putting in.

One thing the picture-snapper didn't notice (again, allegedly - I have a hard time believing this) is that in the background, a perfectly-placed poster board for Borderlands 2's forthcoming (and fourth) DLC sits behind a cage. Its name? "Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep". It's since been confirmed by Gearbox, and will be released on June 25th for the usual DLC price of $10 - or free if you own the Season Pass.

At last month's PAX East show, Gearbox teased this DLC with a trailer showing Tiny Tina playing a Dungeons & Dragons-like board game called Bunkers & Badasses (kudos to Gearbox on the cool naming). How exactly this is going to convert itself to the DLC, we're not sure. It seems unlikely that we'll have access to a full-featured board game in the DLC, but who knows - Gearbox did give us an entire DLC with the original game that was all about one thing: arena fighting.

What's your speculation?