BOOM: Team Fortress 2, Oculus Rift, And An Omnidirectional Treadmill Equals Big Fun

The concept of gaming accessories has been taken to a whole new level. We’ve covered the Oculus Rift before, and the virtual reality headset looks like an exciting evolution in the world of gaming, but other enterprising souls are looking to add VR to the lower portions of the body, as well.

A company called Virtuix is developing the Omni, which is essentially a multidirectional treadmill that its creators call “a natural motion interface for virtual reality applications”. The company posted a video showing someone playing Team Fortress 2 and using the Omni along with the Oculus Rift.

You can see in the video how much running and movement this fellow does. With something like the Omni in our living room (eh, who are we kidding, the basement), we imagine that we’d get ourselves in terrific shape in no time at all. (Instead of Doritos and Mountain Dew, we’d be slamming back Power Bars and Gatorade for all night gaming sessions.)

Omni-Driven Game Play in Skyrim with Microsoft Kinect 2

Omni treadmill
Virtuix Omni Treadmill Mechanical 3D Model

In fact, Virtuix says that the Omni would be ideal for applications such as home exercise, as well as training an simulation physical therapy, and even virtual tourism. The whole thing is still pretty much in the prototype phase, but the company is about to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise some more cash.

The Omni looks awesome. And ridiculous. And we want one.  Skyrim might be a little less of a workout.  Watch...