Boingo And AT&T Team Up On Global Wi-Fi Roaming Agreement

Looking to stay connected regardless of your destination? It's a tough thing to accomplish, particularly when that destination is overseas. Boingo has become a pretty popular name when it comes to global hotspots, and AT&T has been doing a fine job of expanding its Wi-Fi hotspots as well. Now, the two companies are putting their heads together with a new Wi-Fi roaming agreement. Travelers abroad can now gain access, via the AT&T Wi-Fi International App, to Boingo's global network of Wi-Fi hotspots managed and operated by Boingo's subsidiary, Concourse Communications Group. The AT&T Wi-Fi International App lets AT&T customers on applicable data global packages access up to 1GB of Wi-Fi each month at no additional charge.

The total Boingo managed and operated network reaches more than 1.5 billion people worldwide annually. Boingo Wi-Fi hotspots at major international airports are available to AT&T customers today, with service continuing to expand throughout 2013.Additionally, as part of the agreement, Boingo customers traveling in the United States will also be able to access AT&T's network of Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the country, including airports, restaurants, sporting arenas and retail locations.

The AT&T Wi-Fi International app is available to AT&T customers who subscribe to either the 300MB or 800MB AT&T Data Global Add-On package, which is quite unfortunate; in order to get a bit of free Wi-Fi, you've got to pony up for a global roaming plan first. Still, a solid move in the right direction.