Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD, Danger Den Fillport, and more!

Good afternoon folks :) There are a couple items in the mailbox that I haven't listed below, but are still a decent read. To help you get through all the reviews we post, how about giving Firefox a boost? ipKonfig will show you how. The next item is a review of Sony's PSP from Designtechnica... incredible device I must say. Well, now I'm off to fix computers and wait for my 6800GT to arrive, adios folks.

EPoX EP-9NPA ULTRA Motherboard @ HardOCP

"On the stability front, the EPoX 9NPA ULTRA was dream at stock settings with a 4000 CPU. In our usual 48 hours of stress testing, the motherboard performed excellently. The 9NPA ULTRA concluded our 2 days of brutal testing without needing any outside airflow directed over the motherboard power components. There have been few boards to accomplish this in our testing lately. The EPoX 9NPA ULTRA proved to be a pinnacle of stability."

Kingwin Mini Shuttle HDD Enclosure @ Systemcooling

"Not only do external enclosures give you more storage space, they also make it extremely easy to transport large amounts of date to use on other systems as the need arises. For me, they are used when I get called to a friend or family member's house to repair their computer due to a spy ware of virus problem. Anyway, enough of the small talk - let's take a look at the Kingwin 3.5" EIDE HDD USB enclosure."

Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD @ eCoustics

"Both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD discs enable HDTV reproduction because of their massive storage capacities. Using dual-layer techniques, HD-DVD can store as much as 30 gigabytes of data while a Blu-Ray disc can pack in a whopping 50 gigabytes. In the lab, techies already are working on several-layered discs that could allow more than 100 gigabytes of storage on one disc."

The Danger Den Fillport Review @ OCModShop

"In this review I'm going to have a good look at a new product from Danger Den, their new fillport. A what? A fillport, it is basically a port connected to a barb sealed of with a hex nut, which you use to fill and bleed your water cooling loop without opening your case."

The Sapphire X850 XT 256MB PCI-E @ Legit Reviews

"While running at stock speeds, the X850 XT barely broke 60C after numerous benchmarking cycles, and more impressively, the card dropped to idle temperatures less than 2 minutes after completing each benchmark. While I'm sure some people are going to grumble about..."