Blu-Ray Sales Overtake HD-DVD Sales

The battle between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD is still heating up, but so far Sony's Blu-Ray has the edge. Ending the week of January 14th, for every 100 Blu-Ray movies sold there were only 38.36 HD-DVDs sold. The numbers have slowly progressed in Sony's favor, thanks in part to their Playstation 3 sales. It's still early though, and we should pay more attention to how things look 6 months to a year from now.

"The report also stated that even back in 2006, while HD-DVD lead in sales because it had launched earlier than Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray quickly caught up and overtook HD-DVD in sales. In the same time frame, a year back in 2006, when Blu-Ray had just launched: for every 100 HD-DVDs sold, 85.05 Blu-Rays sold (week ending 01/07/06). That following week in 2006, Blu-Ray closed the gap to 100 HD-DVDs for every 92.40 Blu-Rays."
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