Blu-Ray Out Sells HD DVD Three Times Over In January

Since the release of Blu Ray and HD DVD, a media war has been fought between the two formats to see which will secure the throne of the standard in high definition playback. Well if sales are any marker in the war for dominance, Blu Ray is running laps around HD DVD, three to be exact. Since January 1 to January 14 of 2007, Blu Ray sales have been triple the sales of HD DVD. The recent boom in Blu Ray sales may be a direct result of the release of the Playstation 3. Blu Ray still has some catching up to do since HD DVD still leads in total sales, but 2007 seems like it may be a good year for Blu Ray.

During the first week of 2007, sales of Blu-ray more than doubled that of HD DVDs, with the latter making up only 46.14 percent of sales compared to the former. Blu-ray pulled even further ahead the next week, leaving HD DVD behind at only 38.36 percent of Blu-ray's numbers. To clarify, that means that, from January 1 to January 14, for every 100 Blu-ray Discs that were sold, only 38.36 HD DVDs were sold - meaning that Blu-ray has been outselling HD DVD by nearly a three to one margin.
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