Blu-Ray Encryption Cracked?

If you build it, it will be cracked. That's been the story behind most encryption, and the latest generation of media formats seem no different. Last year, Microsoft's HD-DVD encryption was cracked by someone who goes by the name of "Muslix64", and this year he adds Blu-Ray to his list of defeated media formats. This is a pretty amazing feat considering he/she had no access to Blu-Ray hardware.

"Although Muslix64 did not have any Blu-ray equipment at his disposal, he was still able to recover the keys with the help of Janvitos' memory dump file and media file. Blu-ray media files are divided into individual aligned units. The first 16 bytes of each unit are not encrypted, with the rest being encrypted using AES in CBC mode. Muslix64 examined the non-encrypted portions of the data and found a reoccurring pattern, which he used to mount his known-plaintext attack."