BlueStacks Enables Android Apps To Run On Macs

Android on OS X? Can it be? It can, now. BlueStacks is known for taking software to places it can't usually go, and its newest release continues that trend. The company has just opened up the Apple ecosystem to Android developers in a major way. There's now a Mac version of its "App Player," which brings 400k Android apps to Macs for the first time. It's launching at the Google I/O event in San Francisco, and the initial release features several apps from the company's developer partners, such as HandyGames, Creative Mobile and Pulse, with the next release scheduled to expand things even more.

The company launched a PC version in March of this year that reached one million downloads in just nine days, so it's likely that the Mac version will be met with similar applause. If you're an Android dev but can't let go of your MacBook Pro, here's your program.