BlueStacks and Big Fish Games Team Up For Android Gaming Fun

It looks like mobile-on-PC gaming is about to get a major boost, thanks to a new partnership between Big Fish Games and BlueStacks. Didn't realize mobile-on-PC gaming was even a thing? Well, thanks to BlueStacks, which offers what's in effect an Android emulator, it has been a possibility, but one not too many people have known about. That could soon change.

Anyone who's had the need to run a mobile app on their PC or Mac in recent years likely already know about BlueStacks. A good friend of mine has been using the company's software for well over year, and has been quite impressed with it overall. As he doesn't even have a smartphone, BlueStacks allows him to see what all the fuss is about when it comes to certain apps.

As popular as BlueStacks is, however, Big Fish Games is much, much larger. Games have been downloaded from its platform 2 billion times since 2002, and while the focus has been primarily on non-mobile games in that time, that's about to change.

Once the fruits of this partnership materialize, you'll be able to play mobile games via Big Fish's website which in turn would rely on BlueStack's software. For mobile developers, this is potentially a great thing, as it would allow them to focus on mobile while allowing Big Fish to handle the port to the PC where it could be further monetized.

This move as a whole really isn't too much of a surprise, given the amount of sense it makes. Now, those who might not be able to play one of the hottest mobile games might be able to on their PC. It seems like everybody wins.