Amazon Resumes BLU Smartphone Sales Following Spyware 'False Alarm'

Blu has announced that its smartphones are back on Amazon after what it dubs a "false alarm" resulted in Amazon removing all Blu devices from its website. That removal was a big blow to Blu, which does much of it sales volume via Amazon. The phones were pulled from the Amazon website after word came to light that Blu was installing so-called spyware on its devices. Blu sales started back up on August 4th according to reports.

The Blu drama started when a security firm called Kryptowire issued a report that said some Blu smartphones were collecting user data and sending that data to a servers in China. This wasn't the first time that Blu had been associated with allegations of spyware. Similar allegations were raised last fall, this time out Kryptowire said that software on Blu devices from Shanghai Adups Technology was still collecting data on users and sending that data to China.

Blu phone

Blu denied the allegation from the start and issued a statement when Kryptowire first made the allegations last week claiming that the software in question was performing "standard and basic data collection that pose no security or privacy risk."

Amazon said in a statement, "If we receive information that could potentially impact our customers’ experience, we may temporarily make a product unavailable for purchase. Based on communication with the manufacturer, BLU Products, we have resumed selling BLU devices on"

While many of the Blu smartphones are back on the Amazon site, reports indicate that the Blu R1 HD, which was an Amazon Prime Exclusive hasn't returned to the website. As of writing, the Blue R1 Plus is available, but the R1 HD is still not showing up in an Amazon search. Several Blu smartphones are offered at discounts via Amazon in exchange for users agreeing to view ads on lockscreens and other locations.

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