Galaxy S6 'Three-Sided' Display Confirmed, Samsung Touts 'Amazing’ Camera

We’re inching closer to the March debut of Samsung’s next generation flagship smartphone, and the rumors and reports on specs are coming in at a furious pace. The latest report from Bloomberg confirms what we’ve been hearing for quite some time: there will be two versions of the flagship Galaxy S6.

The publication says that one model will have a display that covers three sides, which backs up a previous report and leaked renders which shows a curved display on both the right- and left-hand side of the device. This is a departure from the Galaxy Note 4, which is only curved on the right-hand side.

Due to production constraints with delivering a smartphone with two curved edges, the so-called Galaxy S6 Edge obviously won’t be the volume model. That burden instead will fall upon the standard Galaxy S6, which will feature a more traditional, non-curved display. Both models, however, will employ a screen measuring 5.1-inches compared to 5.6-inches for the Galaxy Note 4 phablet and both feature metal frames that will give them a more premium feel (unlike that of the current generation Galaxy S5).

(Source: CNET Korea)

While Samsung won’t confirm any speculation on the design or hardware specs of its upcoming smartphones, it did reveal today that the rear camera that will grace these phones has been rethought to deliver spectacular photos. According to Samsung, the camera “will be intelligent and do all the thinking for users, allowing them to take amazing pictures under any conditions, without having to worry about anything more than just pressing the shutter button.”

Samsung also talks about how the main cameras in smartphones have increased in megapixel count over the years, rising from 5MP with the original Galaxy S to 16MP in the current Galaxy S5. Likewise, the company brags about its 3.7MP front camera on the Galaxy Note 4 and the “monster” 5MP front camera on the Galaxy A Series. The fact that Samsung is so quick to play up the megapixel race leads us to believe that the company is looking to make another leap with the Galaxy S6/Galaxy S6 Edge. Earlier reports have pointed at a 20MP rear camera; so don’t be too surprised to see that spec rattled off when the smartphones are announced.

As for other hardware features, Samsung is expected to use its own Exynos processors in the Galaxy S6/Galaxy S6 Edge following overheating issues with Qualcomm’s brand new Snapdragon 810 processor. It’s also widely expected that both smartphones will adopt a QHD (2560x1440) screen resolution and a Touch ID-esque fingerprint sensor.