Blokify Launches For iOS, Lets Kids 3D Print Their Own Minecraft-ish Toys

If you have creative kids that like to build things, there’s a new app that will keep them occupied for hours called Blokify. Simply put, Blokify starts you out with a Minecraft-looking “construction kit” featuring themed environments and textured blocks, along with models and background music, and your kiddos can either construct the model or use their imaginations to build their own creation.

The touch-based design environment is simple and intuitive, so kids can start using the iOS app immediately without any real learning curve.

Blokify for iOS

When they’ve made something they like, they can print the project on a 3D printer, or--in the absence of a 3D printer in your home--they can have their design full printed and shipped by Blokify (for a not-insignificant cost of $50-$100). Blokify says that the blocks not only have the look of wood, stone, etc., but also the texture and feel, which is a nice touch. At launch, you can choose from castle, spaceship, or pirate kits.

Aside from the potentially high cost of actually printing the designs, Blokify is a perfect toy/entertainment platform for kids. It engages kids who like to design and build, but it doesn’t stop at the iPad--it brings the design into the real world with the 3D printing element. (Plus, then kids have a physical object to play with, to boot.)

Blokify spaceship

There’s something undeniably powerful about designing something digitally (or physically drawing it with pencil and paper) and then seeing that design turn into a real thing, and the knowledge that comes from it will teach a creative child more than almost any other activity.

Currently, the app is only available for iOS, but an Android version is coming soon. You can check out Blokify at CES next week.

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