Blogging Doesn't Pay; Their Platforms Do

There are three big open-source blogging  platforms: Blogger, Typepad, and Wordpress. Google owns Blogger, so they're plenty capitalized. Now Automattic, the commercial version of Wordpress, is getting capitalized too. They've received $29.5 million from a range of venture capitalists and interested businesses, including a small stake from the New York Times

The Times Company had previously maintained a business relationship with Automattic. The guide site, which was purchased by the Times Company in 2005, is published using the WordPress platform. The New York Times has also produced more than 50 blogs using the platform.

Martin A. Nisenholtz, the senior vice president for digital operations of the Times Company, said the company hoped to improve the publishing technology at the foundation of WordPress and harness the platform’s ability to aggregate blog posts.

“As we’ve adopted blogging and started to treat it as a mainstream publishing platform, there are all sorts of things we might do going forward to improve our approach,” he said.

The ink and paper method of aggregating information and distributing it is getting very old indeed. These blogging platforms have the ability to be made secure and allow extensive aggregation of information automatically and remotely with real-time distribution.  We're watching a fundamental shift in the way information is gathered and disseminated. No more inky fingers. Long live the Internet!
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