Blockbuster OnDemand Coming To Samsung Wares

Whatever you can do, I can do better. That's the saying that Samsung and Blockbuster have evidently taken to heart, as the tandem has joined up to match Sony and Netflix's streaming announcement with one of their own.

The Blockbuster movie services are slated to go live this fall, the same time in which Sony BRAVIA TVs will be able to stream Netflix movies if they're of the Internet-connected variety. This deal involves a far less popular alternative in Blockbuster, but the premise remains the same. Starting in a few months, owners of Samsung HDTVs, home theater systems and Blu-ray players will be able to watch Blockbuster OnDemand movies from the comfort of their home, provided they have a broadband Internet connection and a hankering for Blockbuster content.

Users will be able to rent or buy material with just a button press, and Blockbuster's adaptive streaming technology supposedly ensures quality viewing with immediate and uninterrupted playback. Although the service won't be integrated into new wares until this fall, consumers who already own Samsung Blu-ray players, HT systems, and select LCD/plasma HDTVs will be able to access the goods via a free firmware update to be provided in the future. Below is a teaser of what's the come--provided Blockbuster can fend off Netflix for a few more months, that is.