Blockbuster On Demand Movie Rentals Finally Live On TiVo

Both Blockbuster and TiVo confessed that a partnership was in the works, and now we've finally got the confirmation we so desperately yearn for. Starting right now, TiVo owners (that includes Series2, Series3, TiVo HD and TiVo HD XL users) can access Blockbuster's growing library of On Demand films right from their set-top box. No extra boxes required, no going to the movie store--just fire up your TiVo (like you do every night anyway!) and get the renting.

The movie streaming service has been a long time coming on TiVo; we've been waiting since the original announcement in March. But now that it's here, users can look forward to film rentals ranging from $2.99 for classic hits to $3.99 for new releases. Blockbuster has committed to expanding its movie library over the coming weeks and months, and while no HD films are available to rent just yet, they'll be coming soon as well. In addition, TiVo DVRs will be sold at thousands of participating Blockbuster retail locations, so you can see the partnership runs deep.

"When people see BLOCKBUSTER on their TiVo DVR, they'll instantly recognize that they have a movie lover's trusted source of entertainment at their fingertips," said Bruce Anderson, senior vice president and general manager of BLOCKBUSTER On Demand. "We're thrilled to give consumers another way to enjoy the movies they want most now with the convenience of their TiVo remote control in the comfort of their living room."

To access the service, TiVo subscribers click into the "Video on Demand" screen from TiVo Central where they will see the BLOCKBUSTER logo. From there, subscribers can browse and discover BLOCKBUSTER On Demand content available to rent.

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