Blockbuster Sells ARCHOS Multimedia Netbooks

ARCHOS, a company that claims to have released the first-ever, pocket-sized hard, drive-based MP3 player, has struck a deal with Blockbuster to feature ARCHOS netbooks in Blockbuster stores. The ARCHOS 10 netbook, manufactured by the company which is evidently well-known in Europe and unknown in the US, will allow access to entertainment from Blockbuster on the go.

In a canned, press release statement, Joanne DeLorenzo, VP of product for Blockbuster, said, "Blockbuster strives to provide consumers with convenient access to media entertainment when and where they want it. Enhancing our consumer electronics offerings with an affordably priced netbook that allows customers to access our online rental, retail and download services, whether they're at home or on the road, is a natural fit."

The netbook retails for a penny under $300 and weighs in at 2.8 pounds. Based on the Intel ATOM processor, the Windows XP-powered ARCHOS 10 is Wi-Fi ready and comes with 1GB of RAM, a 160GB hard drive, a built-in Web cam, and, as if anyone would use it, Lotus Symphony.

Can this move save Blockbuster, which is being eaten by services like Netflix? Hmm...nope. Probably not.