Blizzard Offers Game Classics For Free Download At Battlenet

If there's one price nobody can argue with, it's "free!" Not freemium or free with in-game purchases available, just straight-up free, no strings attached. Such is what you'll pay for a trio of classic titles Blizzard has decided to make available to the public. These are truly classic games that deserve a fist-bump if you played them when they first came out.

Joining Blackthorne, a 1994 Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) title that Blizzard made available for free on last November, are The Lost Vikings and Rock N' Roll Racing.

The Lost Vikings

Starting with the former, The Lost Vikings was originally released in 1992, also for the SNES and a bunch of other platforms, including the PC via DOS (remember DOS?). At the time, Blizzard was known as Silicon & Synapse. It's a side scrolling platform title that's heavy with puzzles as you switch between three different vikings with their own unique special abilities. You're trying to escape the clutches of Tomator, leader of the Croutonian alien empire, who kidnapped the vikings to be put on display in a zoo.

Rock N' Roll Racing

Rock N' Roll Racing debuted a year later for the SNES and is remembered for its soundtrack featuring "Bad to the Bone" by George Thorogood, "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath, "Highway Star" by Deep Purple, and a few other tracks. Beyond the music, it's a racing title that encourages participants to take out their opponents.

All three titles are available now at