Blizzard Reportedly Kills StarCraft FPS To Aim Sights On Overwatch 2 And Diablo 4 Glory

Blizzard has been cranking out incredibly popular games for years, and one of those fan-favorite titles is StarCraft, which has traditionally been a strategy game. StarCraft has been used to show that AI can dominate human gamers, while StarCraft: Remastered brought the original gameplay with updated graphics to fans back in 2017. Blizzard was working on a StarCraft FPS title, but reports are going around that the game has been canceled.

starcraft gamepaly

Word of the StarCraft FPS comes from three people who claim to be familiar with the situation reports Kotaku. The sources claimed that Blizzard staff were told that the new StarCraft game had been canceled after two years of development to allow Blizzard to put more resources into Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2. One of the sources said that the StarCraft FPS was codenamed Ares and was "like Battlefield in the StarCraft Universe."

The source claims that the team had built prototypes where the player was a Terran marine and shot down Zerg aliens, and that plans were to make the Zerg playable as well. The source claims it was a shock when the game was canceled a few weeks ago with one of the sources noting the StarCraft shooter was "looking quite good." Another unannounced mobile game project was canceled as well.

Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 are expected to be the major announcements at BlizzCon 2019 in November, although there is no guarantee that either of those games will delivered. Blizzard was hit with fury when it unveiled the Diablo Immortal mobile game at last year's BlizzCon when all gamers wanted was news of Diablo 4. The announcement sent shares of Activision Blizzard tumbling and left investors wondering if the company had lost touch with its fans.

As for Overwatch 2, details are scarce at this time, but it has been compared to Left 4 Dead by some inside Blizzard. The sources cited by Gamerant claims that Overwatch 2 will have a "large PvE element." The thought is that Overwatch 2 will keep the popular multiplayer modes and use PvE to draw in gamers uninterested in multiplayer games.