Blink Announces Ultra Cheap Battery Powered Video Doorbell For Your Smart Home

Blink Video Doorbell

Equipping your home with smart products can be an expensive proposition. Blink, one of the major players in the smart home market, is hoping to lessen the financial burden on potential customers with a new battery operated smart doorbell system with video capabilities. It's supposed to be easy to install and costs $99 for existing customers who already own a Blink sync module, or $129 for new customers.

Granted, that's way more than a regular doorbell costs. But in the realm of smart products where Internet connectivity rules the day, the asking price is not egregious, especially for what the doorbell is capable of. It has a motion sensor built into it and provides customers with live HD video alerts with two-way audio. So in that respect, calling it a doorbell is selling Blink's device short.

"The wire-free setup makes the installation of the Blink Video Doorbell as simple as inserting the batteries, connecting it to your home Wi-Fi and placing it anywhere you need. Additionally, customers will have the option to connect it to the home's existing doorbell wiring, extending the battery-life even further while being able to sound the home's existing chime," Blink says.

Not all visitors (or intruders) arrive in broad daylight. Blink thought of that by including infrared night vision into its new video doorbell system, allowing for round-the-clock surveillance, day or night. It's also IP65-rated for water resistance, so owners can see what is happening whether it's sunny outside or raining.

As for installation, all users have to do is pop in the batteries, connect the doorbell to their Blink system, and mount it. Blink says the doorbell can also easily connect to existing home doorbell wiring.

"While other companies try to wow early-adopters with tech and unnecessary features, at Blink we are disrupting the smart home industry through a zealous focus on simple products that provide huge value at an unmatchable price," said Peter Besen, CEO of Blink.

You can purchase the doorbell now direct from Blink.
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