Blast From The Past: LG Reveals HDTV With Retro-Inspired Rotary Knobs

There's a reason the mantra "History Repeats Itself" continues to live on. For as much as things change, a lot of things end up staying the same, and all bets are off when it comes to pure nostalgia. LG is looking to tap a certain segment of consumers who may have aged a bit, started a family of their own, and now has the disposable income to both satisfy the desires of owning modern technology, while satisfying the yearnings of "the good ole' days." The company's newest HDTV is quite the looker, complete with a retro-inspired case that is part Jetsons, and part high-tech.

The 32LN630R looks much like a 1970s-era tube television at a glance, with fully operational channel and volume dials. Within the casing is a 1080p, IPS-based display, which supports both USB-based storage and MHL video from mobile devices. It's a 32" model, and yes, those cute legs are included as well. It's selling now in the company's homeland of South Korea for just under $800, but what we're waiting for a global ship date. C'mon -- it's impossible to resist that design!
Tags:  LCD, HDTV, display, retro