BlackBerry Z10 Arrives in U.S. Ahead of Schedule, Costs a Fortune

Solavei, a relative newcomer to the wireless carrier scene, is making a name for itself by being the first to offer the BlackBerry Z10 in the U.S. through its retail partner, GSM Nation. The Z10 is available to order right now, though only to those willing to pay a premium for early access to the device, which is being sold for $1,000 off-contract.

"We believe in giving our members access to the latest phones and wireless capabilities," said Ryan Wuerch, founder and CEO of Solavei. "Solavei not only gives its members the opportunity to pay less for unlimited mobile service, but even the opportunity to earn income by sharing Solavei with others."

BlackBerry Z10

Those who do end up paying the asking price will find some relief in Solavei's affordable wireless plan. It runs $49 per month and includes unlimited voice, text, and data. Subscribers can also "earn recurring monthly income" by spreading the word via the company's social commerce platform. As for wireless coverage, Solavei piggybacks on T-Mobile's network.

The biggest stumbling block is obviously the price of the Z10. It's priced way above what most people are used to paying for a smartphone, including unlocked devices, and is a full $300 more than what Research In Motion (RIIM) BlackBerry is selling the device for in the Middle East.