BlackBerry Announces Secure Work Space To Manage iOS and Android Devices

In the continuing effort to make BYOD work better in the enterprise, BlackBerry announced Secure Work Space for iOS and Android with the latest update to BlackBerry Enterprise Service v.10.1.1.

Simply put, Secure Work Space is a tool that keeps your work life and personal life separated on a single device. For individual users, this allows them to keep their personal apps and data away from their work-related items and enjoy some privacy. For companies, this allows for much greater control over crucial aspects of management such as a security, as they don’t have to fuss with every employee’s personal miscellany getting in the way or causing problems.

BB Enterprise

Users enjoy integrated, calendar, and contacts; secure access to company intranet via a secure browser; BlackBerry’s Documents To Go for editing documents; and any other apps a company wants to push out to employees.

The update is a free download for BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 users, and licenses for Secure Work Space run $99 per device per year.