BlackBerry 10 Images Leaked Again, Keyboard Shown

Is there an unwritten rule that all leaked photos of unreleased products have to be shot with what looks like a $25 kiddie camera from Toys R Us? It certainly seems that way sometimes, and it would explain why a new batch of BlackBerry 10 images look like crap. But let's not fuss any further over image quality; the real story here is that we've been given another glimpse of what Research In Motion's (RIM) upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices will look like.

A Chinese website posted a pair of photos of a second BlackBerry 10 handset, which shows a taller touchscreen display than previous models that have had both touchscreens and full keyboards. Other than that, there's not a ton you can discern from the photos, other than the general shape and design. You can, however, make out a rear-facing camera with LED flash and a front-facing camera.

BlackBerry 10 Phone
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It's believed RIM will also launch a second BlackBerry 10 device at the end of next month, one that will have just a touchscreen and no keyboard. Pictures of the other smartphone were leaked to the Web earlier this month and showed the device in greater detail than these newest shots do.

Leakded BB10 Photo
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Barring any last minute delays, RIM will debut both smartphones on January 30, 2013.