Bitcoins In Space: Virgin Galactic Accepts New Payment Method

Without any formal government regulation, Bitcoin prices have been surging and falling, and surging and falling. It's a roller coaster ride that only the bold can stomach, but those who are willing to invest in something like a new digital currency already have some wild stories to tell. Earlier this month, a university in Cyprus announced that tuition could be paid in Bitcoins, and a number of online e-tailers are accepting the currency as well. A currency really only takes shape once it's accepted "everywhere," or close to everywhere. But here's something that few currencies can say: Bitcoins are now accepted in space.

Virgin Galactic, which is just years away from taking civilians to space, will now accept pre-payments on space flights via Bitcoin. In fact, the company's founder has announced that a female from Hawaii has already plopped down payment in the form of Bitcoins for a future ride to space. Virgin Galactic is a pretty innovative company, so accepting a fledgling currency just feels right.

In fact, investing early in Bitcoins could mean that this would be one of the cheapest ways to pay for a trip to space. Of course, you need a huge tolerance for risk... but then again, those willingly flying to space probably have no real qualms with risk.