Microsoft Bing Predicts Golden State Warriors Revenge Slam Over Cavs In NBA Finals

“Don't let the Warriors blowing a 3-1 lead distract you from the fact that…” The Golden State Warriors had a record-setting run during the NBA regular season (2015 - 2016) and were even looking good throughout the playoffs. Heck, the Warriors had a 3 games to 1 lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers when it all fell apart. The Cavaliers would rally during the finals to win three straight, clutching the 2016 NBA championship title. Needless to say, the meme community was (and still is) unkind to Steph Curry and his crew for the embarrassment.

Golden State has a lot to prove this year in the playoffs, and according to Bing Predicts, the team will avenge its stunning loss last year by torching Cleveland in the 2017 NBA finals. If all goes according to [Bing’s] plan, Golden State will win the series 4-1. Assuming that Bing is accurate in its analysis, this will be the third straight time that these two teams will meet in the NBA finals. We wonder what Lebron James has to say about that…

lebron baby crying

But that’s not all that Bing had to serve up with regards to its predictions for the NBA playoffs. “If you’re looking for a First Round series to follow, Bing predicts seed #5 Atlanta to upset #4 Washington and win 4-2; Atlanta will not carry the momentum to the Eastern Semifinals though, and lose to Boston in 7 games,” writes The Bing Team.

“In the West, Bing predicts Houston to prevail over Oklahoma City in another much-anticipated First Round series. Houston’s efficient offense, led by MVP-candidate James Harden, will need 7 games to beat Oklahoma and their own MVP-candidate (and Harden’s former OKC teammate) Russell Westbrook.”

bing playoffs

The Warriors are favored by many sports analysts to win the 2017 title, so Bing Predicts isn’t exactly telling us something new here. However, Bing Predicts came to its conclusion based on team win/loss statistics, average margin of victory (at home and away) and “signals” that it monitors from social networking sites and the internet in general.

No matter what Bing Predicts or analysts think, the best thing to do is just crack open a cold one, sit back, and enjoy the playoffs which tipoff today.