Bigfoot's $279 Killer NIC

HardOCP has sat down with the company Bigfoot to analyze the new $279 Killer gaming NIC. In short, the card is a 10/100/1000 PCI network card that is equipped with a 400MHz onboard processor and a USB 2.0 port. Here, the company is touting significantly lower ping times and higher overall system performance. Then again, when one compares the $279 price tag to the $0 price penalty found with onboard gigabit NIC's we should be seeing some healthy gains somewhere. Although this article is merely a preview of sorts, you can expect the gang here at Hot Hardware will run the Killer NIC through its paces and let you know whether it's worthy of your hard earned cash as soon as possible.

At a recent trip to the Bigfoot offices in Austin, TX, we saw the Killer NIC working and just how the team there was collecting data about its performance. In real world comparable scenarios we saw pings drop 10ms to 20ms on a broadband connection playing World of Warcraft and Counter Strike Source. We also saw frame rates positively impacted anywhere between 3 to 10%.


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